Mental Health

Why is Mental Health Important

Mental health refers to what people feel, think and act as they face life.

It affects all our daily doings.

This makes it a fundamental obligation for everybody to take good care of their mental health as their daily success depends on it.

Importance of mental Health

Why is Mental Heath Important (1)

  • Better health

There exist a very strong connection between the body and the mind.

The mental state directly affects the body.

People who are mentally ill are at higher chances for many health complications.

With mental illness, controlling what you eat is a problem. Lack of control can lead to cases such as obesity exposing our bodies to the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

Inability to handles anxiety or stress as a result of mental illness can cause insomnia.

This can lead development of severe sleeping disorders.

A study in 2012 by the British Medical Journal shown that people with even mild mental health issues have a lower life expectancy.

  • Relationship

Why is Mental Heath Important (1)Our mental state controls our ability to interact and relate with others .It affects how people meet new people and how they keep old friends.

Mentally unstable people always find it difficult to do basic interactions with colleagues, family members and friends.

This translates to problems in family commitments and intimacy and frequent sexual health issues.

Children or family members of mentally ill people are likely to be subjected to greater risk for abuse.

This problem is transferred to the children of the affected as they do not receive needed social and financial support.

Other family members such as wives and husbands can also be subjected to psychological problems as a result of trying to help the mentally ill.

  • Education, productivity and financial stability

Mental health affects how we do our day to day activities .Education and work being the main driver of personal development can also be affected by mental health .Individuals facing mental problems finds it hard to meet goals in financial and educational achievements.

Depression caused by mental problems affects people’s ability to concentrate in class or in work places.

Some end up quitting in colleges, losing their jobs, foreclosing on their homes or being declared bankrupt.

A report by researchers from Norwegian institute of public Health shown that people struggling with anxiety and depression are likely to take sick leaves.

This reduces their productivity.

  • Self esteem

Good mental health helps in building an admirable self image.

By appreciating yourself and your achievement and recognizing your shortcomings you feel confident that you can make it.

This is a crucial trait that people with mental health problems lack.

Mental instability can cause not only a negative body image but also an intense feeling of self hate which can mutate into psycho-social disorders .The ability to evaluate yourself positively contributes significantly to how you feel about yourself.

Why is Mental Heath Important (2)

  • Safety

Mental health is important for safety not only personal safety but also the safety of those around us.Mentally ill people are more likely to commit violent crimes or even become victims themselves. They can become victims of murder, assaults and rape especially women suffering from schizophrenia.

The risk is even more when the individual are engaged in drug abuse.Those with mental problems have a slow response problem, reducing their ability to prevent occurrences of some unfortunate circumstances.This puts them at risk as well as those surrounding them.