Jogging Your Way To Weight Loss

Doctors all over the world recommend jogging or simply walking everyday for any overweight person who wants to lose weight.

Jogging Your Way To Weight Loss (2)

Walking for just one hour at a steady pace assures you of burning 250 calories, a person may ask – how many minutes jogging to lose weight? That depends on the time you have set to meet a certain weight goal.

It might be a month or two and irregardless of the time taken, jogging has been proven to help in weight loss.


If a person goes jogging for an hour, that is 60 minutes, then that person burns a total of 500 calories.

This means that jogging for 5 day every week for an hour, the total number of calories burned will be 2500, and for a whole month 10,000 calories.

The time for a daily jog will depend on the individual’s goals.

While one may jog 30 minutes everyday another person (who needs to lose more pounds than the first person) will go for 45 minutes or 60 minutes. Pace and time yourself according to your goals.
WHERE TO JOG.To get the most out of jogging, there are certain things you can do to accelerate the time taken to see the results which can be as little as 2 weeks.

First, choose your terrain well.

Jogging Your Way To Weight Loss (1)Mark out a path for your daily jog and choose a route with a rough and hilly terrain.

An uneven terrain with grass, sand and manoeuvring around rocks makes the jog fun and more strenuous and the unusual movement makes the muscles work hard.

A hilly terrain is good for the back muscles, the thighs and gluts, apart from doubling the amount of calories burned, a hilly terrain also tones the butt and thighs.

How to jog

While jogging try to maintain an upright posture with the shoulders back and relaxed and eyes straight ahead.

After two weeks of jogging, you may want to increase the time and distance. If you don’t have more time then you can increase the number of calories being burned by carrying a heavy backpack, placing a heavy book and water in the backpack and jogging while carrying the bag can greatly increase the number of calories being burned without necessarily taking more time from your other activities.

Any physical activity requires a good stretch before and after the exercise.

Good legs and arm stretches and a full body stretch before and after jogging will reduce any discomfort and pains that are often associated with straining the muscles.

Jogging is a sure way to lose weight and how many minutes jogging to lose weight will depend on the number of pounds you want to lose and the time you have to reach that goal.